Friday, April 13, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day 2

I just dropped the girls off for day 2 of "school."  Eeeekkkk!  I would not want to be a teacher of less than 2 yr olds today.  Their regular classroom flooded yesterday...yes, flooded and no this is not NEw Orleans, it's Houston, but our whole neighborhood was under water yesterday after a ridiculous rain storm.  So their regular classroom is flooded.  That means all 16, less than 2 yr olds, are having a big ole cry fest right now in one big music room.  How are these women going to do it ya'll???  I don't know.

It seemed like Laine had forgotten how she felt after the first day, because when I asked her this morning if she was ready to go to school she said "Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!"  Miss Olivia knew better, because when I asked her, the frown immediately appeared and the lower lip flipped up and she said "no school."  She was silent the whole ride and then started with the tears in the parking lot.  My hearrrrrrrrrrrrrrt can't take it!  I know millions of parents do this everyday.  We'll get over it, but for realllllllllllllllllllls.

We walked inside and found the music room and seriously it almost made me feel better that there were 14 other criers.  There were lots of extra teaching helpers, but ya'll 16 criers.  I will be amazed if they figure out a way to quiet that room.  There's no way! Ha!

This music room is in the elementary wing of the school so I did manage to catch a glimpse of the classrooms in action and while it felt good and familiar, I had absolutely no desire to be in their teaching all of those sweet darlins.

Now I'm sipping my coffee, talking to you, and crossing things off my TLC to-do list.  Speaking of...#4 on my list: Ask the milkweed readers why they aren't following The Little Crane blog.  Why ya'll?? It's so good.  It's me and Sarah and Nicole just talking about life.  I know I've told you before, but I love reading when it's their day to write.  Like, I have no clue what Sarah is going to tell us today and I can't wait until she posts.  So get on over there.  CLick join this blog or follow by email.  You will love it as much as me!!  And while you're there, you may as well go buy a sweet darlin outfit for 10% off at our shop!  The sale lasts until 2pm today!  Hurrrrrrry!

Thanks ya'll! Thanks!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bossypants and Bishops

Late night blogging is my new favorite way to do it!  Everyone is asleep...I should be asleep, but when you are productive, you're productive...done, done, DONE!

We left the pups with their grandparents for about 36 hours to go to a New Year's Eve wedding in Atlanta...which was glorious by the way, details on another day.  Everytime I called home, Grams gave me the best sugar coated, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, report that she could muster up and I loved it.  Made me feel like the free-est girl in the world to be away and have the mental picture of perfection at home.  *When she told me that the girls were so good when they went out to dinner, I knew she was lying and that the rest of the sugar was probably a lie too, but I just went with it.

Some things to think about this week: resolutions, sending my sweet pups to their first day of school, and of course THE LITTLE CRANE, THE LITTLE CRANE, THE LITTLE CRANE!!!  Did you go to the blog like I told you to???? I don't think you did, because I didn't notice any new followers while I was away.  Here's the link one more time.  We're up and running again this week.  I'm talking about my resolutions there today.  Don't miss it ya'll....don't miss it!

Ohhhhhhh one more thing: I read a book! Woooooooooooohooooooooooo!  Do you know how long I've been avoiding this goal???? A lonnnnnnnnnnng time!  But I did it on our flights to and from Atlanta and really guys, if you are looking for something lighthearted that will make you laugh from cover to cover, go buy Tina Fey's book, Bossypants. can just borrow it from me.

I'm lacking pics from the weekend, so words will have to do.  See you at The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Late

Hi ya'll!!

It's late...I should be turning out the light and closing my eyes, but I just felt the urge, so here we go!  Recap, summary.

Obviously my life is consumed by trying to figure out how to make The Little Crane BLOW UP!  50,000 fans doesn't happen overnight, but for 2 co-pilots who thrive off of instant's T-RICKY!  We're both learning valuable lessons in patience and in social media for that matter.  Twitter...ya'll....did you know that it is C-RAZY?? CRAZY! Like...tweet here and there and every five seconds....just saying.  We found a crazy little group of southern mom bloggers and are currently plotting how to get into their inner circle.  It's going to happen...soon.  These B's are insane and we want IN!

The holidays were good....I mean 8 crazy nights of Chanukah...FOR REAL.  We even brought a menorah to Christmas Eve at the Peirce's.  I baked...major major major two day baking project.  Paula Dean's Peppermint Whoopie Pies and they were OUT. OF. CONTROL!

I threw about 5 fits during the process, but it was worth it.  Lots of presents everywhere.  We have so many new toys that I actually love.  Wooden, musical, ride-on goodness.

I have so many great pics and side stories from the last week, but I'm just ready for the holidays to be over. Right??!?!?!?  Like move on, move up, Hello 2012!  I think I love 2012 already.  Turning 30 and the potential of The Little Crane all so close to happening! I  can't wait!

Have ya'll been reading The Little Crane's blog??? It's good.  I love reading it...on my non-writing days.  Nicole and Sarah are gooooooooood.  They make me want to keep reading and reading and hope that they are the ones writing the next day so I can read some more.  We took the holiday week off, but will be back next week.  Now go catch up so you'll be ready.  Might as well click "follow" while you're there.  Just saying.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Bye Nicole!

It's ok ya' don't have to miss her, you just have to go find her at The Little Crane's new blog.  OK?!?!?  Nicole is the official mom blogger for our new little project.  She hates when I do this, but seriously...the girl is the best mom adviser I have.  I don't read parenting books...I just talk to Neecole and it's not because she's my best friend...she just has a rational, reasonable response for every little issue.  She's rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she reads this, but it's TRUE! TRUE, TRUE, TRUE!  In fact...I refuse to have another baby until she is at least 3 months pregnant, so she can go through everything first and be prepared to solve all of my problems when I go through it all three months later!!  So skip on over to our page and find our blog AND while you're there, please oh please share our little contest link to your fb page.  You can win a FREE outfit of your choice!!  We're hoping to build up our fan base by January, so when our merchandise is available for immediate shipment, we will have customers!!

Now...pause TLC for just a second.  It is my current obsession....thank you for still reading this blog even though my mind is obviously elsewhere!! BUT PAUSE.

Last night I went to dinner with Sari and Neecole and when I got home, Josh says he has an early Chanukah present for me.  And I'm like NOoooooooo....I don't want it early...whine whine...etc etc.  But, he brings me to the blue room and opens the door and ya'll....THIS BOY HAS about 3/4 of the way cleaned it out! I was supposed to be totally finished and on to my next goal, but I haven't even touched it.  I haven't even walked into the room or I would have seen that my sneaky sneak sweet darlin husband has been working on it while I'm doing things like going to dinner with my friends and working on TLC stuff until ridic hours of the night.

JOSHUA SAMET...I am in love with you...done.  Happy Chanukah to me!  Speaking of Chanukah.  Have ya'll been to  It's's sister and I love it.  My fav new place for toys.  We got 3 boxes on our doorstep today and it was the MOST FUN!

Ya'll ready for the holidays??? wise? I am soooo not.  The yoyo boxes are my only progress.  Good thing Nicole is giving everyone great gift ideas on The Little Crane's blog today.  She's busy being a civil engineer right now, but is due to post at any moment.  Go find her!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's the first official contest held by The Little Crane!!  Don't miss your chance to win a FREE outfit of your choice!!  Check out this post:

Ready to win a FREE outfit from The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe? We want to show you, our inner circle of first fans, how much we appreciate your support in the first official TLC contest! It's a 2 step point system my friends.

Step 1(2 points): Post this on your wall: Let's win a free outfit for our little ones! Go like The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe and tell them I sent you!

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On January 1, we will tally all the points, and our fan with the most points will win a Free outfit of their choice!

What will you pick if you win???


Or this?

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How will you ever decide?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SOooooo....... the Smocked Cuteness is for sale!

We were not planning on launching this little project until we crept a little closer to January, but Sunday night I was at Sari's working on some things and we felt the fire inside and BAM...with a few hundred clicks, just invited alllllllllllll of our facebook friends to see what we've pulled together. has been sooooooooooooo painful watching the other players in this facebook smocking game selling and selling and selling things without us!  We wanted here we are...officially IN!!!

Have you seen all of the cuteness??? I know you have, because all of you are probably in the first 100 fan club!  We love you! We love you, love you, love you, love you.....LOVE YOU!! So now, we ask for your help!   If you haven't liked us...just go on over there and click that little like button at the top of the page.  If you have already "liked" us, then go find your favorite item and share the photo to your wall and tell everybody where you found it!  You're in The Little Crane inner circle...we need you to help spread the word!  And as inner circle members, I have a question for you.  What do ya'll think about Gift Certificates? Like, you buy it now and give it to someone, so they can choose what they want when this order is ready to be shipped?  Let me know...asap! Thanks!

Seriously ya'll.....

Don't you want one of each??? We do!  Now go get you one and by go get you one I mean post your favorite one on your wall and then go get you one!