Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"What do you mean YOU made that?!?!" Wednesday

Last Wednesday, I posted a lamp and some stenciled curtains made by two of our favorite Milkweed readers and I asked "Who else out there is doing things worthy of a post???" Guesss of my favorite teacher friends sent me over a pic of another set of stenciled curtains! Ya' are going to seriously black out at these. She sent me the pic before she told me how she did it. I just assumed when she said that she "made" curtains, she sewed a hem in some fabric and maybe added some panels to attach them to her rod. The print on the fabric looks soooo real....sooooo sewn in, but NO....this girl hopped over to Hobby Lobby, just like Candice, and stenciled this pattern on! Stenciled! I was so unaware of this stencil craze, until last week! So what did I do??? Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got my own...duh!! More on what I'm going to do with that later, but for now...check out Mrs. Mitchell's curtains and her description of how she did it. She says they aren't done yet...she's going to add a gold trim and another panel on the other side of the window, but I mean, they look done to me!!

It's not done!!!!!! I still have to do the other side of the window! I got the cutest gold greek style ribbon for the trim and I'm going to use stitch witchery (AWESOME) to attach it on!!! Buttttttttt this is what it looks like so far.....

So easy. i got a plain set of white drapes from lowes on sale for 8 bucks (you can get a dropcloth instead but this was the same price and already the right size), a sample size can of paint ($3) and a 4 inch roller. I got the stencil from hobby lobby 50% off. I have heard that if you mix textile medium with the acrylic paint then it makes it better to wash. But of course, I forgot to do that when I made this side of the drapes. I think it will have a finished look once i put the pretty trim on the sides!!!

**In case you are wondering, Stich Witchery is an atlernative to sewing. It is sort of like double sided tape that is activated by heat(like an iron). Perfect for creating a hem without having to sew!

Also, I can barely stand it...2 more hours until our coral chair winner is announced! Stand By until this afternoon!

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Stephanie said...

Aww! I wasn't expecting you to post this! I feel so special :) I was surprised when I saw a picture of my living room pop up on my facebook feed! lol

Love your blog! Especially the chair tutorial! More tutorials please!