Friday, October 21, 2011

Here we go....

Airplane travel with babies that aren't babies who just sleep the entire flight...that's what's about to happen to this family!!! I'm NERVOUS FOR SERIOUS SERIOUS!

Please oh please let calliou DVD's and really good snacks and stickers save us.  Please oh please let us not have to sit on the runway like 55th in line for take off!  Please oh please let us not have to circle the runway 28 times before landing.  Thanks.

Rode the Hermann Park train for first time this week.  Glorious.  Did you know you can get on at the zoo and get off at the museums or at the park or at the botanical gardens.  We're gonna do that next time.  This time...we just rode!

I'm in love with the face my girls make when they drink out of a straw!  I'm also in love with layering sweaters and dresses and leggings...I love fall! Don't you???  Have a glorious weekend friends!

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Kaley Garin said...

You'll do great!! Just remember, it's only 1.5 hr to Atlanta. Let them look out the window, magazines in the seatbacks, snacks, movies, iphone. I know how stressed I was with Parker so I know you're doubly stressed. Deep breaths!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Cute pics of the train!! Love the sister sister pic! If y'all go again, let us know!!