Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Hello world!

I'm still in the middle of the art table project, which of course needs more coats of white than I thought.  I get so antsy mid-project.  Instant gratification is sooooooooooo my thing.  I don't like when things take days and days.


I'm running around with the girls...music class, gymnastics, and every grocery store in town.  Today we went to Central Market, trying to pick up some fall blooming branches, just like the ones I got two yrs ago when we still lived in Montrose...baby-less.  I barely remember that life!!! It's too early though, ya'll.  Too early for my perfect fall blooming branches that last from mid October all the way to Thanksgiving.  As a consolation prize, the sweet darlin boyish man working there gave each baby girl a sunflower.  They were sooo excited and I was wishing he gave me one too!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, there is an EXCELLENT children's resale shop in The Heights.  It's called Thread and it's in the middle of 19th street.  Perfection.  I tried to go today, but it was CLOSED.  Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  But ya'll need to go.  I was drooling in the window and I'm hoping I can find some cute big girl "dressy" attire for my pups.  I've exhausted the baby gap for now...I need variety.  

Also....we're dealing with a sad loss over here in the Peirce world.  My aunt, Anne, is losing her battle with cancer after 7 years of fighting like a champ.  Cancer ya'll....it is what it is...sadness.  When my mom died, I can so clearly remember Anne coming up to me at the funeral and saying, "This sucks, Jessica."  It was exactly what I needed someone to say out loud.  She treated me like I was her own daughter from that day forward and I miss her already.  

She has however, planned an incredible memorial  service for herself complete with fajitas, a mariachi band, and the glee soundtrack remixed with Joni Mitchell to be played in the background.  Sounds like the perfect celebration of a great life to me.  

Let's live and love like we mean it today!!! Ok?!?!

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Marla Peirce said...

patience is a virtue.