Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Owl Costume Tutorial

After I posted last week about committing to owl costumes, a friend of mine in New Orleans wrote me saying she did the same for her PRECIOUS beyond belief baby boy Wyatt.  And this girl is crafty and this girl can sew ya'll.  She sent me her pics and I knew I had to copy her hat.  Loooooooook how cute!!! You want to reach into the screen and steal him...I know you do!

So here's what she did.  

In the words of my friend Cat: 

I measured his head around front, ear to ear, for width of the felt sheet (side seam to side seam, remember to leave enough extra to have seam length). Then, I used the edge of plate to get good curved edge for top of hat.  Cut top as seen in pic. When you cut the eyes out, do it at the same time so they are the same size.  Using pinking shears, cut the brown outer edge, then cut slits in it with regular scissors. I top-stitched the brown and white circles together to the front of the hat first, then stitched the side seams of the hat. Last, I hand stitched buttons as eyes and hand stitched the beak.

Easy really...if I can do it as a sewing novice of all can do it.  I may or may not have cheated and used glue for the eyes instead of "stitches."  Also, did you know that felt sheets are 4 for $1 at Hobby Lobby?? They are!

Want a sneak peak of my finished version of all this??

 Just wings and hats! Hope you have a glorious weekend! I'm at the it's already glorious for me!  Love you and miss you Joshy, O, and L!


Marla Peirce said...

really impressed with the wings.. very high quality!

Laurie said...

The costumes are amazing!! Had such a good time with the girls today! We just stayed home, ate, watched some tv, read some books, dressed up in tutus and owl wings ... it was a glorious day for Honeybunny!
Glad you're having fun!!