Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Over!

Today was the perfect conclusion to Thanksgiving.  per-FECT!  Joshua Samet...the incredible person I share these parenting responsibilities with, woke up with the girls, made them breakfast, and played with them all morning and ya'll this is going to sound soooooo ridiculous, but guess what I did?!??!?!  Went to the grocery store ALONE! It was so great.  Well...first I stopped at Starbucks and oops forgot to say skinny when I ordered my pumpkin spice latte and oops that means it comes with whipped cream!  YUM!  So worth the full fat, full sugar real deal every now and then!  So I sipped my latte in HEB in slow motion, even stopping to look up recipes on my phone while going up and down the aisles...bliss I tell you!  

When I came home...the pups were still in their pj's running around on best behavior for daddy.  Ya'll aren't judging me for these pacifiers are you??? Letting them go is in the back of my mind, but that's another post for another day...ok??!?!?!

While I was at the grocery, I decided to make my own whole wheat pizza dough and have a make-your-own-pizza-night.  Ya'll...not worth it to make your own dough.  I'm just buying ready made from now on.  Too much work and the flavor was no different.  Pause...let me rephrase...not worth it to make whole wheat.  Just saying.  The girls ended the night running circles around the living room giggling with their cousin Liam.  Could not stop the silly.

Soooooo real deal week tomorrow.  Josh has to work early mornings which means I'm captain from 7-7....eek!  Better line up my helpers! It's the only way!  Also...did ya'll notice I tweaked the little "Welcome to Milkweed" section over there on the right of the page.  Let's be honest, we're talking more about kids here than about transforming things into to newer better things.  I just wanted you to know...I'm more than aware our little furniture shop is just a cover for blogging about my own selfishness...that wasn't my intention in the beginning, but it is what it is and I like it!

Have a glorious week!

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nicole bruno said...

love the new bio. perfectly perfect. duh.