Monday, December 5, 2011

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I've Got a Secret!!!

Ya'll I've got such a secret!! I'm not pregnant! Just saying...that seems to be the expected follow up to "I've got a secret!"  But I do and it's not just my secret!  It's my secret and my best cousin Sari's secret and serioussssssssly, we've kept this one for a few months now, because we weren't sure this was going to be real deal....but ya''s REAL DEAL!

Ok...I'm done babbling.  Me and Sari are starting our own little online smocked boutique full of precious beyond preciousness that WE actually "designed" and it is currently in production and will be for sale in like less than a month.  Like need the perfect coordinating Easter outfits for your kids and their cousins???? We've got it!! Need a precious cupcake dress....we've got it???? Need insanely cute crawfish boil gear??? Ya'll....we've got it.  I mean we don't got it, which is why we are slightly still's in this amazing fantasy  is about to come true and is expected to arrive in a shiny UPS box at our doorstep in mid January.

SO right now, I'm just taking deep breaths and I'm just feeling thankful!  Thankful that I'm doing this project with a person who is always on my team.  Thankful that we have the chance to be a little risky and create something that we love and then share with whoever in the world wants to have it too!  Thankful that we have decided to be brave and put ourselves out there!

It's going to be set up like the other facebook children's clothing auctions, but because we're new, we're going to start out with pre-orders.  As our fan-base grows...fingers crossed....we'll move into the auction format and have regular sales throughout the week!  Soooooo we're going to be asking you all for help when we launch...liking our page, posting our links on your know!

So stand-by my friends...ridic cuteness is on the way!


DQuigs said...

omgomgomgomg! That's fanfreakintastic!! I'm super excited for you Jess! Reading your blog never fails to resuscitate my mundane workday with inspired, creative energy. Can't wait to see the line!

Candice said...

I'm so excited for y'all! I will totally spread the word.