Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boy Nursery Inspiration!!!!!!!!!!

I will not lie my friends....I officially have BABY FEVER!  Babies, babies, everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!!  This, however, is NOT for me!  It's for one of my oldest friends.  She had an unplanned doctor's appointment yesterday and an unplanned ultra sound and has now requested some BOY nursery inspiration!  There must be boy vitamins in that New Orleans tap water...I'm just saying!  I will confess that most of these photos look like nurseries that would be in my house and not necessarily hers, but it's a start.

    *links to all photos are on my pinterest boards

What do we think?? Nautical? Lattice Work walls? Chevron Walls? Stripes? Ceiling Lantern Cluster??? Time to revamp the girls' room before I feel obliged to have a new baby so I can make a new nursery??  Maybe you should just hire me to pull together your nursery...yes...that's the answer!  Any takers?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Facebook Auctions

Ya'll....why didn't we think of this first???????  Have you witnessed one of these auctions? It's insane.  Smocked Auctions.  Go "like it" on facebook right now just so you can watch one of these things live. 

Here's how it works:
They post preview pics(without prices) the day of the auction to get everyone really really excited to buy.  Then, at 8:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights, they post the pics again, one at a time.  You're already so pumped about the one you want, that you hurry up and bid, without even looking at the price, because if you don't, the item will SELL OUT!  And then...oops! You own ANOTHER dress or bubble for you precious girls.  


Tonight I wanted this:

But these girls are getting way too brave and have upped their prices to the $40's.  They used to be in the $30's and if you were lucky enough to get a "steal of the night," they were high $20's.

They aren't the only act in town either.  There are many others...Smocktions, Smockadot.  Not ready to buy?  It's seriously fun to watch the comments all of these crazy women make while bidding.  Is that embarrassing to admit?  Oh well!

I've been trying to think of other things we can sell in our own facebook auction, because these smocked girls are making bank, selling out,  Any ideas???

Monday, August 29, 2011


This is one of those weeks that needs a game plan.  There is so much going on in real life, that milkweed life needs a timeline.  Remember last time I did this??? It helped.

The mandatory project is to finish an etsy custom order.  I'm remaking the bench that sold a couple weeks ago, with a fabric that the customer wanted.  I love the fabric...I want it in my house, but it's a good ole repeating linear print that needs to be lined up perfectly.  Actually, it's a duvet cover that has already been used for something else and I'm using the scraps to recover the bench.  It's probably from Ikea....great idea right?!?!?

So #1 is to finish the bench.

#2 Decide which lamp to makeover and buy supplies.

#3 Collect all supplies for kitchen shower centerpieces.  I made a mock up based on my pinterest inspiration.  I love it.  I kept it on my own kitchen table for a week.  You like??

#4 Get working on my art nook for the girls.  They sit at the table all the time, so I'm really going to love to be able to look over at their little corner all craft supplied up! Ohhhh I can't wait!

NO MORE PROJECTS OR IDEAS UNTIL THESE ARE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! Please remind me that I said this!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fever!

I had the weirdest combo dream last night.  3 things...etsy, Dance Moms, and Baby Maggie.  I have got to put my computer away and turn off the TV a lot less close to bedtime.  For Serious!!  Are ya'll watching Dance Moms on Lifetime at 9pm central on Wednesday nights?????? OMG!  It's the latest guilty pleasure in my life and it is so so so so good.

I was dreaming about etsy because I was searching for Halloween costumes!! I know it's August, but everyday, when I break a sweat on the walk from my house to my car, I just wish wish wish for a breeze and you know below 90 degree weather, and that brings me to Halloween costumes.  So I found this shop..Not sure how I'm going to decide between a pair of sushi or peas and carrots.

Do you see the wasabi and ginger headbands???  October is conveniently my month to learn to sew.  I already have a teacher secured.  I wonder if she thinks I can handle these!?!?

And OF COURSE, I'm still obsessed with that little Maggie.  I can't wait to get up to see her today! Can't wait!!

Have a glorious weekend ya'll...and Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Maggie is here!!!!

She's here! She's here! She's here!!!  I'm so addicted already.  So, so, so addicted.  This little thing is so perfectly precious it's just crazy.  I love how everyone is at their best when there is a new baby.  Big hearts and big love all around.

Congrats to Sarah and John...amazing parents already, but I mean...we already knew that would be the case!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Baby Day!!

Yay! Yay! It's baby day!! Remember the nursery and the cradle makeovers we were drooling over two weeks ago???? There will soon be a baby to enjoy it all.  Maggie is on the way!!  I mean I say it's baby day, but really it could be middle of the night baby or early in the morning baby, but she's ON THE WAY!!

So what are we doing over here??? Well, other than the girls trying their best to skip their afternoon nap, we pulled together the first homemade gift for baby Maggie.  Inspired by this:

                                *link on pinterest

I pulled out the finger paints and the girls went to town to make this:

Here's how we did it:

1- First I took an old frame apart. 
2- When I realized the old art had brown on the back, I cut a piece of white paper out in the same size, because I wanted the color of the paints to be bold.
3- I got out a box of stick-on alphabet letters from my old classroom.
4- I stuck on the letters I needed to spell "We love you Maggie," and then hung it on the fridge to make sure my letters were straight enough.  
5- I let the girls go to town with finger paint.  It's ok to cover the letters because you will peel them off later.  
6- Let the paint dry, then peel off the letters to get the final product.

If I had smaller letters or a bigger frame, I think I would have aligned all of the words to the right with one word on each time!  This was so easy and I think it would be great on a card or a canvas and is a really easy way to let a toddler actually be involved in the creation process!

I can't wait to tell you that Maggie is here! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lamp Makeovers

So ya'll want lamps??? Ok...I'm on it! Lots of goodness here:

Now, I know from my first lamp makeover that the shade is NO PICNIC my friends.  The seam is tricky.  Wrapping the new fabric around the frame in a clean way is tricky.  It's just tricky.  Soooo, I'm leaning towards doing some bold bases and  just going with simple white shades, but we'll see.  Last time I made a shade from scratch.  So maybe just recovering what's already there will be a little bit easier.  Josh just brought home a big lumpy one like the top left photo.  I'm pumped.  Also, how do we feel about these burlap rosettes....hmmmm.  We'll think about it!

*If you're interested, each of those photos has a link on my "lamp makeover" board on pinterest.

Monday, August 22, 2011

We're in business!

Big day for Milkweed my friends.  Three and a half months ago, I half way set up an etsy shop.  Posted items I already had around the house(not so great photos) and then done.  No effort.  Nothing.  Really, the original intention of this blog was to document all of the projects I was going to be doing EVERYDAY in my new "stay at home" life, then post each piece to the shop.  Well oops!  I got sidetracked.  Sooo sooo sooo sidetracked.  Sidetracked doing things like making popsicles and stalking pinterest.  BIG HUGE OOPS!

But ya'll, I'm taking it back to the beginning of Milkweed starting today.  Wanna know why??? First sale!!!

This bench, which is in my living room right now, has been sold! Don't worry.  There's more where that came from!! Thank you Southwest Surplus!

It's so motivating to do more when you realize there are people out there that think what you do is as great as you do!  So, as in all other things in life, the new motto is BALANCE!  New, realistic approach to Milkweed is: one piece for the shop each week.  I should probably also start paying attention to the emails etsy sends out telling you how to make your shop a success...just saying.

Remember this very first post????  Remember this pic?

Anybody want to vote on what I should start with???  Come on!  Vote!

Friday, August 19, 2011

For the Girls...

It's a tax free weekend here in Houston!  We're not starting school, but it does have me in a shopping mood and thinking about what the girls are going to be wearing this fall.  Why is toddler fashion the most fun?!?!?  More often than not, we shop the baby gap sale rack.  In case you didn't know, almost EVERYTHING goes down to $9.99 or less.  For now though, I'm drooling over these full priced items!

1- Bijou Baby Boots by Zuzii on etsy
2,4,8 - baby gap
3- Courtyard Tile Dress by tea collection
5- pink and gray striped leggings on etsy
6, 7 - Tiny Toms

Happy Shopping and Happy HOT Friday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reasons why I love pinterest

Ya'll everyone on board?? I seriously hope so.  I love that pinterest connects me daily to people that I would otherwise never be in contact with.  Best part: It connects us in a "this is what I love in life right now" way instead of a "these are all of the details of my life that I really shouldn't share with semi strangers" facebook way.

Here's what some of my "friends" are pinning today...

I'm trying out the dried strawberries right now.  Easy to the extreme.  Cut the berries in half, put them on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, bake on 210 for 3 hrs to dry them out.  We'll let you know if we like them tomorrow.

Now go on and pin something, then follow me, so I can follow you!!!

ps...links to all of the pics above can be found on my boards.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting it done...the art corner!

We recently took down the girls foam play mat and the playzone aka "cage", from our living room.  We're big girls!  It's time to learn crayons and paint brushes, not to mention I'm BEYOND ecstatic with the idea of an art corner to replace the plastic blue, red, and yellow baby girl play pen.

 Everyone knows that a craft table makeover is on my to-do list.  I even took it out of the garage before our trip just to see what would happen and it was a total HIT!  Painting and eating and using jumbo crayons like champs....I mean like first timer champs, but you know...a hit!


So the table is just a start, but let's also keep these pics in mind.  Both from pinterest.  The links are on  my "girls" board.

I'm on it!  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home again!

Hi all! So great to be back.  We're all dragging a little bit around here today, but I have some pics of our real good, feel good days on the road.  Babies are still babies.  They have their moments, but this was the easiest travel we've had so far.  Thank you to the makers of Calliou DVD's, Magic Pop rice cakes, and the One Step Ahead Splash Pad!  Seriously...all were the reasons behind our good time!

The best thing about being on the road is that everyone is in it together....working like such a team.  We're exhausted, but we're all in love, all 4 of us, even more than when we left!  Does that sound crazy?'s true!  

Lots of good things to come this week.  Group project, centerpieces, juicing, and an art corner makeover for the girls!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Juice Head

Hello Milkweed! Nicole here, filling in for my bestie, Jessica, today. I was absolutely thrilled when she asked me to do a guest post for her.

Let's talk about Juicing. (I know last month was all about health and I'm a little late on this...) But anyone else feel like they keep hearing about juicing lately? From documentaries (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) to some of my favorite bloggers (The Alkaline Sisters)....It's all about juicing!

Anthony and I went to dinner with his family Saturday night at Ibiza. We indulged on some of the best food I have ever had. A great Pinot Noir called St. Innocent and delicious Sea Bass. Delightful! As we are stuffing our faces with all the buttery goodness the conversation turned to eating healthy. (Why do we always talk about eating healthy when we are in the mist of being deliciously unhealthy?) Anywho, it turns out that the Brunos have been closet juicing for the last few weeks!!! I’m thinking…Yall too? Wow! Yet again Anthony and I are way behind.

So I wanted to know what all the hype was about. What the heck is so good about juicing? I got Sarah Bruno to school me on it and lucky for you, I'm letting you in on her wisdom too. So here is the low-down on Juicing.

Sarah started with a seven day juice detox. Keyword word detox, not a diet. You need to look at it as a kick start to your diet. At the end of the seven days you will feel healthier, skinnier, have more energy, and be ready to start your healthy lifestyle! (Sign me up for that, right?) Sarah recommends starting the detox on a Friday because the first three days are misery and better to have that on a weekend… (Eek! You lost me.) But it’s all part of the plan. The first three days are miserable because your body is actually having withdrawals from salt, caffeine, etc. After the initial shock, you start feeling better. And better. And better! Then by the end of it, you feel so great that you don’t even want to go back to eating bad foods. You want to keep eating and feeling healthy. It makes sense. Since the detox week she still juices daily. She says it’s addictive. (For recipes and real instructions on the juice detox, go here)

I recommend following a juice recipe until you get an idea of how things taste together. Sunday Sarah whipped up her own concoction for Anthony and me. Our little juice cocktail included Kale, Grapes, Granny Smith Apples, Cabbage, Lemons, Cucumber, Carrots, Celery, and Kiwis.  Just throw 'em in the juicer.  The more the merrier!

Juicing is an expensive habit, though. I checked out the price of a juicer just for fun. The Brunos use the Breville Juice Fountain and it runs around $300! (Christmas present maybe?) And of course the fresh organic fruits and veggies you will be juicing through.  It adds up!

Jessica and I want to start juicing together. She’s looking for a co-pilot and I’m just curious. I like the idea of juicing, but for just the health benefits and not the detoxing part. Honestly I don’t know if I can do the detox. Do I have the will power to drink only juice for seven days?

What do you think? Are you interested in being a juice head with us?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Master Bedroom Re-Vamp

Hi! Day 2 of me pretending to be Jessica! If you are missing on her, Joshy and the girls, they'll be back real real soon!

Two years after moving into our house, every room feels real good feel good to me...except the Master Bedroom- it's like at 50% right now and I need it at 99.9% like the rest of the house. So my plan over maternity leave...get it done! All the furniture is there, it just needs to be styled and accessorized to my standards.

Here's the picture I've been crushing over. Minus the ceiling fan- I'm over them. I think it's the lightly washed turquoise walls, geometric fabric and mismatched pillows that are drawing me in.

And here is my inspiration board. PS- I love inspiration boards, my computer is FULL of them- like for other people too- even if they don't ask. They really really really help you pull your ideas together- and they don't cost anything to change...try it!!!!!

Sooooooooo are you excited? You can't wait to see the results? Me either! Now go make your own inspiration board and send them to Milkweed along with your completed project!

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rockin the Cradle

HI HI HI Sarah here, I'm trying to fill really big shoes today, so bear with me.

I have a fun special project to share with you that was just finished up at my house and now anxiously awaits it's newest arrival! Get so excited!

It's a baby cradle, but not just any baby cradle! Legend has it that Ole Becks (my Grandmother), my Father, my Uncle Don, Mrs. Milkweed herself, and my brothers all slept in this cradle as teeny tiny babies. I use "Legend" because there are doubters out there, but I say- don't be tardy to the party- it's a Peirce family heirloom! And Maggie is next!

Unfortunately I don't have before pictures for you, because well, I'm not Jessica. Just think- institutional white iron- in pieces- stored in my parents attic for 27 years. Got it? You ready!

What's that- You want to know how I turned the 100 year old cradle into something I could have picked up at Doodles for half a months pay?? It's easy!

1. Get your Mom to disassemble the cradle and try every stripping product in Lowe's, power wash and sand the old chippy probably lead paint off.
2. Dig through the cabinets in the garage and find some fantastic leftover paint color so you don't have to buy any- this was a semi-gloss. PAINT-Regular brush- I think it took about 3 thin, even coats to get everything looking nice and crisp. (Remember to be in an open well ventilated area)
3. Discover water based polyurethane in a spray can and follow the directions on the back- I did 2 coats with dry time in between. Get someone else to help you on this step if you are in fact pregnant.
4. Once you get everything painted, poly-ed and reassembled time to measure for the bedding part of the makeover. My cradle was so old, the pad size was no longer standard- so I read up on recommendations and went to my local Joanne's and bought 2" foam cut to fit. And if there are no pads to fit, there are no standard sheets either. This is where you get your husband to look at the size of every cradle, bassinet, mini-crib, co-sleeper sheet and cover sold in Babies R Us until you get the closest possible size. I ended up with a water proof pad and sheet very close to our dimensions. (Make sure you follow all the baby safety recommendations and you have the sheet and pad fitting very securely in the cradle- Please use all your common sense on this!!!)
5. Sewing the bumpers was the most exciting part for me- I think it's because it is where everything came together. My sewing skills come from Nike, "Just Do It". Measure the 4 sides, sew inside doubled over material to make the pocket, stuff with some poly-fill (found at Jo-anne's) and just go with it. I also added a ruffle at the top to try and be fancy pants- totally not necessary- but you can pin this in before sewing inside out. I placed the bumper in the cradle and then marked where I would need the ties to go on and then ran a vertical seam through the machine to hold on the ties and create the paneled effect on the bumper. My ties are extra wide bias tape (Jo-anne's) you could use any size ribbon or even extra material.
6. Wait for your sweet darlin bebe girl to arrive so she can enjoy your re-vamped family heirloom!

Did I lose you??? I hope not! Are you going to go scour garage sales this Saturday for an antique cradle or bassinet and start your own family tradition to pass down? I hope so!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fresh.Clean.Kitchen Shower

Ya'll...I'm working on centerpieces for a kitchen themed wedding shower. Don't lemons and herbs and a fresh hydrangea stem in a mason jar just scream kitchen perfection???? I know! I think I may even throw the special couple's monogram in there somewhere...probably some burlap and I might even figure out a way to put a recipe on display highlighting the herb on the table! I am GID-DY just thinking about it!

BUT....for now, I'm heading home. Home to New Orleans and home to see my grandparents in MOBILE, ALABAMA!! Fingers crossed the girls are entertained in the car and suddenly love sleeping in pack n plays.

While I'm gone, my two best advisers are going to keep you entertained. Stand-by for some guest posting goodness! See you Tuesday!

*Links for all of the pictures above can be found on my pinterest boards.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I may or may not have bought this hat today for a certain newborn...due anyday...

Cutest sweetest little crochet shop on etsy. Hopefully it will arrive before she does! Back to packing.


For today:

Music Class....really??
Making Road Treats
Visiting Some Puppies(real ones)

Secret: I am really really good at turning into my evil twin when it's time to pack and and get everyone going. Pep talks all day, so I don't do it this time! Any advice??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Day of Health Month...

Ohhhh health's been interesting. I ended up doing the most "work" in the food department, and left mind and body with much to be discovered. It's just a vicious cycle ya'll. I've said it before, I'll say it again...vicious cycle! There is always something to learn on how to better ourselves. Sometimes we make great choices and sometimes we don' is what it is! I'm going to continue learning past this month, because it really was fun trying to new recipes, new foods, new! Before the month, I did want to share these smoothie recipes.

The raw chocolate shake is from Green Kitchen Stories. Now, don't think chocolate shake from the diner, think thick and creamy dark chocolate goodness. The green smoothie is a recipe from Homemade Grits. Again, it's not jamba juice, but wrap your mind around fresh, clean, gingery perfection. I had these for lunch or breakfast many times this month. Liv loved sipping the green smoothie out of my big girl cup, so what did I do??? Popsicles of course! I felt slightly my children a spinach popsicle, but they liked it! Ha! Guilt faded.

Can't wait until tomorrow to tell you about my plan for scratching off my August to-do on THE LIST!

Supply List

Hi there my friends!

For everyone participating in our group project, I have our supply list put together....ya''s nothing! So small.

3 mason jars
3 votive candles
1 spool of floral or beading wire
Something summery to replace the acorns - I'm thinking key limes or kumquats....small citrus...just to finish off the summer!

I know for sure that a one stop shop for all of this is Walmart....if you dare! I was just having the conversation with Damaris(nanny supreme) this morning that I love Walmart, but central Houston locations are like...SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT! Anyway....they have the jars and everything else.

I say we give ourselves until Wednesday to get the supplies. Then we'll check back in with each other! sidenote. I have a little nagging sadness this morning. It's go back to school week for teachers. I'm a little sad ya'll. These two-ish weeks before the kids come is such a rush. Scrambling to get everything together. Having panic attacks while doing it all. Finally finishing and then having all of those little sweet darlins that you don't know come rushing into your room at "meet the teacher" day sooooo sooo sooo excited to be in Kindergarten. You don't know their quirks or strengths or weaknesses, you just see their enthusiasm for school. Sigh. Don't judge, but I also miss the gossip...there is always good teacher gossip to report when everyone is back together. Double sigh.

It will will will pass when I go get those puppies up from their nap and Laine is pointing to me and then to Livy and squealing in the same tone declaring who each one of us is! Ha!

Alright...I'm gonna pep up and get myself to Walmart. You too!

Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Back!

Helllloooooo...missed ya'll...seriously, I did!

This house has been out of commission for the past 2 days with the dreaded stomach virus! Why do I hate it so much??? It's a fact of life....I know this, but I HATE it HATE it HATE it, can't get over it...HATE it! Anyway...moving on!

Grouuuuuuup Projjjjjecccccccccct!!!!!!!!! We've got about 5 takers and it's not too late, you can still join in...I'm soooo excited! On Monday, I'll post a supply list so we can all go shopping. It seems like everyone wants to make the mason lanterns. I'm PUMPED! I think I may even have some in our garage...I'll share...just saying. This is going to be an easy one ya'll and I especially love it, because I'm going to use mine year round...probably in the middle of my kitchen table. Come on...sign up! We're all going to help each other....GROUP PROJECT!

Josh is on his way to Miami right now...who works out of town on the weekends???? Clearly he does. Since he's gone, me and the girls are going to spend the weekend getting ready for our road trip next week to New Orleans and Mobile. I think I'm also going to make this little treat from Green Kitchen Stories....

...for eat all weekend!

I sure hope you have something glorious planned to survive this insane heat! I see sprinklers and popsicles in our forecast!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Group Project Anyone??

Is anybody up for a group project??? Like...we talk about supplies, I'll give directions if you want, we all make the same thing, and then we have a group project gallery day on Milkweed. I mean...this sounds like serious fun to me!

Fall is approaching....I know it's 120 degrees right now, but it is approaching.'s what I've done. Pinterest has some great fall decor ideas and I picked out three as a starting point.

(links to these pics can be found on my pinterest boards)

The one on top would be soooooo fun, because it doesn't have to be acorns all the time. Are those acorns?? Ha! You could change out your mason jars with the seasons. The "candy" bottles are also such a great starting point, but I see mason jars again with maybe a mod podged monogram instead of a word so you can fill them with anything...candy, cookies, puppy know. The frame is also reallllll cute. We could put anything on display in that thing!

Who's with me ya'll?? It's Tuesday afternoon, so why don't you take until Friday to commit to being in the group project inner circle! We'll start next week. Oooooooooook? I mean we only need a small know you want to! Vote for the project you want and sign up in the comment box or in the fb comment box!

Go! Go! Go!

Rocking Horse!!!!!!

Project "Take Care of Unfinished Business in Two Weeks" is complete!! Woohoo!! I wrapped up the rocking horse yesterday! 5 out of 5...done! No small we go.
Here's how we started. My childhood rocking horse complete with shag carpet mane...

Here's the inspiration board...

And here's the finish!

Not bad right?!?!?!? And seriously ya'll, it was just a few easy steps.

1.) 1 coat of primer
2.) 2 coats of paint(I used a gallon of 5.99 premium paint that I scored off the "oops" rack at Lowes months ago)
3.) Hot glued on the mane and tail

The mane and tail were easy. I was planning on using a staple gun, but then thought maybe it wasn't the safest idea for the girls, so I just used hot glue. Using leftover fabrics from different projects already in my living room, I created a tab by folding over about 1/4 in of fabric. Then, I applied the glue and stuck it on top of the head in a kind of zig zag pattern. For the tail, I just bunched together a few strips of fabric and tied an extra strip around the top to keep the pieces together. Then, just glued it on to the back. I'm thinking over time, when the girls decide to pull the tail, I may have to reinforce a few spots with the staple gun...we'll see.

Align Center
And here they are in action....rocka, rocka, rocka...that's what they say...sort of...ha!

So what do ya'll think?? Something about the mane and tail needs a little something...right?!?!? Thinner strips, but more depth? Or should I just leave it alone. Honestly, I think we've got some time before the girls are independent rockers. I'll think about it!