Welcome to Milkweed! We are a reconstructed home accents design shop. Based in Houston, Milkweed collects and salvages furniture and updates it with a modern twist.  My husband owns a hotel liquidation business, so I have access to so many used pieces that are sooo done in their current state, but sooo perfect when I finish with them.  But really, that's only one reason I'm here.  In May of this year, I left my job as a kindergarten teacher, not just for the summer, but "for now," to stay at home with my precious perfect twin one year old girls!  We are having the most fun, but I need an outlet!  #1, so I can talk to grown-ups even if it is just virtually and #2, so I can stay motivated to create and not just to sit around watching Sesame Street.  So, we'll makeover some furniture, design some spaces, craft a little, go on play-dates, and I'll share with you whatever my current obsession is!  I hope you enjoy your time here, because other than my real babies(which I'll be posting far too many pics of), this is my baby!